Teens are often judged unfairly—by their peers, by their parents and by other adults. As a result, they often get stuck with labels that do not reflect who they really are.

You have the power to make a difference in a teen’s life. At Oasis, we value each relationship we have with every supporter and count on you to help us get the job done.

I am very proud to form a partnership with Oasis Center of Nashville.

As a young child, home was elusive to me. It meant a different thing, each day…car, motel, stranger’s house. Since becoming a Realtor, one of my greatest joys is to watch a child run room to room in their new home and finally land in THEIRS. It is my desire that every kid have a safe and warm place to sleep each night. Oasis Center works hard to assure that this option is open to the homeless teens in Nashville.

Every client who buys or sells a home with Twin Willows Realty and Sonia Briggs will become part of the team! A donation from each transaction will go to benefit this fantastic organization.

For more information, please visit their website to see how you might become involved in this mission!